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Posted On: 01 Jun 2014

Google AdWords for Mobile Apps

Your Online Marketing Campaign isn’t about what device or app you use, it is about engaging your audience on all platforms and devices, whatever they may be. Google AdWords for mobile apps are just one way of many to connect with your potential customers, don’t be left behind. Choosing the right apps to advertise your business is crucial to your online marketing campaign success, here are some suggestions of popular apps:

Radio Apps

Everyone listens to music on their mobile devices so businesses need to take advantage of this huge audience, which is your potential customer base.


YouTube is of course one of the most popular apps used on mobile devices, therefore it is pure logic to suggest that you use this for your campaign.

Hotel search Apps

Searching for hotels using mobile apps has become easier in the last few years, there is a huge usage for these apps so get your ads on these and get those customers buying!


Convert the success of these apps into success for your business by focusing your Google AdWords campaign on mobile apps. Concentrate your online marketing efforts in targeting your market for higher conversion rates and more sales. You can match your ads to the appropriate apps which targets your audience even further. Up until recently searches haven’t been targeted but with new features from Google you can now match search appropriate ads.

AdWords Campaigns are designed to drive traffic to your website or online shop. If you need a professional advice,  SHOUT!  Online Marketing Agency can help to increase your downloads and get traffic.

Google AdWords have a new campaign called enhanced marketing; these include innovative ads focusing on mobile apps. For marketers Apps are more important than ever, take a look at this great video which explains more about using Mobile Apps for your Google AdWords campaign:

Step Inside AdWords Livestream: