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Why do the British love eBay the world’s biggest online shop?

  eBay is still the world’s biggest and most popular online shop but what makes it so popular with Britons? There are 233 million people registered on eBay worldwide and 26 million of those are British! Work from home Individuals can sell their second hand items as well as their home made and craft products. Businesses can create online shops to sell just about anything you can imagine on eBay. There are no overheads such as rent or bills for a physical shop and all you have to do is send your items through a courier or the post office….

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Is e-commerce killing high street shopping?

As shopping online is becoming ever more popular does this mean that the popularity of the high street shop is waning? Online shops such as Amazon and eBay offer the luxury of shopping from your armchair so do we need to leave the house to go shopping on the high street anymore or is e-commerce the way of the future? E-commerce for customers  E-commerce can provide the choice that individual shops cannot, customers can stay at home in comfort and avoid having to travel, find parking or carry heavy bags home. With online shopping you don’t even need to get…

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