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Certified Partner by Google Adwords, SHOUT! will increase your sales thru online marketing strategies!

Increase your sales with Youtube TrueView Videos

Youtube Estimated Tool CPVTrueView video ads give viewers control and decision over the advertising message they would like to watch. User can click Skip or decide Visualize the ad. Results are very positive because we avoid the rejection that could cause an inadequate methodology in the advertising campaign.

Video Marketing is using this strategy because of its creativity and endless possibilities. Your brand will not be intrusive because the ad will be displayed only to really interested users.

Our Online Marketing Agency increases traffic to advertiser’s website, raises your number of fans and increase sales. We create your advertising campaign using four different modalities from a Video Marketing

TrueView in-stream

User can skip the ad after five seconds (we will capture the viewer’s attention and make him/her see the spot).
Advertiser pays only if the ad has been viewed, at least 30 seconds of it, or if somebody clicks on it.
Optional Banner FREE (you can increase your CTR by 2%).
In addition, we will increase your web traffic using external annotation with high persuasive influence.

  • Build Awareness
  • Drive Sales
  • Grow Loyalty & Retention
  • Influence Consideration

 Discover how our clients drive and maximize sales across devices and channels

Youtube Ads


TrueView in-search

User sees the ad in the YouTube search results. If he clicks, will access to a page where could found the video ad.
Advertiser pays only when somebody clicks over the video.
Our Online Marketing Agency will choose keywords that will display the ad to potential consumer.

TrueView in-display

Ads appear alongside YouTube videos or Google Display Network. By clicking user will access the page where could view the full announcement.
Advertiser pays only when some user clicks on the ad and sees it.

TrueView in-slate

If somebody wants to view a long video will have the option to watch 3 spots and therefore enjoy an uninterrupted video, or see the video with commercial breaks. Unavailable since 1st April 2014.

Video Remarketing increases the possibility of acquisition

  • Video Remarketing 1.0:
    We use lists created in Adwords: users that have visited your official website, users who have interacted with the Masthead.
  • Video Remarketing 2.0:
    We create lists based on impact criteria (have viewed your channel or has been exposed to your ad) and Engagement criteria (Like, comment, share, visited or subscribed to channel).
  • Interaction
    Get metrics related to how many people are involved with your videos and your channel after seeing your video ads.
  • Action
    Hiring that service you will achieve brand awareness. That will make products / services you offer more interesting. Potential customer will search information and make a correct decision. Finally we will get the desired action, acquisition.