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Search Engine Optimization Spain

TOP10 Ranking for Google, Yahoo! and Bing

We will increase your popularity on the Internet and work to get your products or services on the top of the search engines.

The SEO Search Engine Optimization in Spain lets you know the variables and factors affecting the rankings of your website and offers guidelines to get the top positions in the results page ( SERP’s) of the following search engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN Bing and Ask.

Our Service includes the SEOonPAGE where we optimize your website (through codes and keywords) for a single purpose, increase your popularity on the Internet to be positioned between the top of (organic) natural search engine results, after a search related products or services that the web markets.

After initial optimization of your website, which we adapt content and special codes (metas and titles) depending on the criteria employed, studying the evolution of the rankings and, if necessary, update the procedure to suit the requirements of each search engine.

Our services

  • Optimization of Titles & Meta Tags, also friendly URL
  • Setup Google WebMaster Tools , Yahoo/Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Optimizing Google Analytics account for your own reports
  • Robot.txt Optimization
  • Optimizing your site structure and navigation
  • Optimizing ALT Images
  • Anchor Tag Optimization
  • Content Optimization per page (Remember our copywrting department regularly upload content with SEO knowledge)
  • Optimizing Pages / Sections
  • CANONICAL Optimization
  • SEO / ROI Reports
  • Technical SEO Consulting
  • Constant monitoring and research of your competitors
  • Writing SEO content along with your products and services

Posicionamiento SEO Málaga


SEO PACKAGES & Characteristics

The search engine optimization SEO for Spain with 9 keywords (ADVANTAGE package) or 21 search terms criteria (ELITE NOW) on Google, Yahoo, BING or YAHOO!


  • Detailed evaluation of the contents & structure of your website.
  • Selecting the most effective search terms criteria commensurate with the content.
  • Previous report on the ranking of your website in the major searchers regarding the proposed search terms criteria
  • Suggest manually for the most relevant Internet search engines
  • Submission website into directories & blogs to gain backlinks
  • Tips & Tricks for your website, for better indexing in all Search Engine Optimization (SEO Audit)
  • Local Business Registration Center from Google & Bing (local results in Google Places)
  • Setup Google Analytics for traffic and marketing effectiveness
  • Creation of special HTML code (meta tags and title) e.g.: View source code of
  • Optimize website content according to the search terms criteria chosen
  • Creating sitemaps and upload it into Google / Yahoo / Bing webmaster tools.
  • Increase monthly website popularity on the Internet (pagerank)
  • Monthly Search Engine Position Report
  • Continuous maintenance SEO action plan
  • Personalized technical advice (via phone / chat / email).


We specialize in Search Engine Optimization in Spain but also internationally, like or, International SEO  must be consider when you want to expand your business. We will recommend a search engine at England or Germany.

Posicionamiento SEO Málaga

Choosing Search Terms and Search keywords

This choice of search terms criteria is based on three basic elements:

1 .- The search terms or keywords criteria are selected from a database of “real search” (statistics and search terms from Google *) from users on the search engines. It may not exactly match the terms you have requested at first, but we understand that what counts is how users seek on the search engines and not how “we” think they should find your website.

2 .- Google assigns to all the websites indexed a ranking (PageRank), on a scale of 0 to 10. If your website is located at the bottom of the scale, when we condition and suggest the choice of the search terms criteria we will have to discard those who, though having more visits, have more competition and therefore few a priori chances of achieving the desired positions.

3 .- The structure and content of your website also affect the chances of success positioning. Therefore, the first thing you receive when you hire the positioning service is an audit of your website, which we will recommend a series of actions to adapt your site as best as possible to the requirements of the search engines and their robots spiders.


Once accepted and confirmed the keywords or search terms criteria, we’ll get to work immediately, we inform you that the average period of time necessary for search engines to submit satisfactory organic results, is between 6 and 8 months.

Although, depending on the level of difficulty and competition of each search terms, these results may appear sooner or later on SERP´s.


SHOUT! Online Marketing relationship with our customers is not set by permanent contract. In this way, customers can cancel the services we provide, at any time, only we need in a letter writing before 30 days in advance of request to cancel the contract. Unlike other systems that require an annual contract to maintain the service or economically penalize the suspension of a contract. The hiring of our services is governed according to the provisions of the Real Decreto of 17th December 1.906/1.999 on recruitment by telephone and / or Electronics.


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