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What Whatsapp Marketing can do for your Business

  Whatsapp is huge and getting bigger by the day so what better way to market your business than to take advantage of Whatsapp Marketing. Now 90% of mobile phone users have Whatsapp installed, and it is used by 600 million people worldwide. It has less restrictions than text messages, which are limited to 160 characters, Whatsapp messages can be up to 1000 characters per message and of course you can also send images, video and audio too. Whatsapp marketing gives you the ability to create lists of willing contacts in much the same way as email marketing. This gives…

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Email Marketing: How to get people to subscribe to your list

Writing and creating beautiful, informative email newsletters is all very well, but who are they being sent to? Building your list is just as important as the emails you send, you need an audience of people who are interested in your business to make a success of your Email Marketing Campaign. Here are some ideas of how to build your list: Make it easy to subscribe There are lots of email marketing platforms out there where you can create subscription forms. Use them! Add your subscription form to your blog, website and Social Media sites, share it regularly, point it…

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