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Posted On: 29 Apr 2013

Simple ideas to stimulate creativity in website design

Thinking of new ideas for online store designs is difficult when you reach a plateau in the development process. Even web design companies need to get creative with their design process to keep their ideas fresh and innovative.

So where do all these new ideas come from? Naturally, looking at existing online store designs can give you some ideas, but if you want to be truly original and design unique online stores, you might have to try something unusual.

Simple ideas for Creativity

As the infographic suggests, there are many ways to challenge yourself and get the creativity process working.  From all the ideas suggested, there are some common themes we can work with:

  • Do something different.
    Humans are creatures of habit and we tend to have routines we do every day, and this also applies to business. We read the same magazines; have the same routine at work etc.  Do something completely different to get your mind out of the same mindset you use every day.
  • Do something physical.
    Web designers and computer users in general spend long hours staring at the screen and barely moving. Getting up and moving around, or taking a break to do a physical activity like sport or taking a walk can wake up your creative side.
  • Challenge yourself.
    How can you be truly creative if you never challenge yourself to do something new or something difficult?  Learn a new skill, do something you thought was impossible, stretch your abilities to the maximum.

While these may sound like self-improvement tips, boosting your creativity has a profound impact on your business as well.  It can give you new ideas for income generation, for  new website designs, and for ways to boost your sales conversion.

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