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Posted On: 29 May 2013

Maximise sales from your online store with professional web design

Online stores are seeing a steady growth in sales, and part of this is due to the increasing number of consumers using mobile devices to make their purchases. Consumers shop online via a number of different devices, which is why it is essential that ecommerce owners focus online store design on accessibility from every type of device in order to maximize sales.

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Designing online stores is no longer as simple as using a standard template for the web, it requires responsive design, or a different layout for mobiles and tablets. Viewing online stores on a smaller screen needs less clutter, clear navigation, and obvious calls to action.

The new online store design also needs extensive testing on different browsers, different device sizes, and screen resolutions to ensure compatibility. If the design does not work, and your potential client finds it difficult to navigate and find what they are looking for they will just go elsewhere.

Website owners with online shops who have not optimised their main website can also learn from mobile online store templates. They tend to be much clearer and focus on making sure calls to action are clearly visible on each page, something that is often lacking on standard sites.

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