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Posted On: 14 Oct 2014

What Whatsapp Marketing can do for your Business


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Whatsapp is huge and getting bigger by the day so what better way to market your business than to take advantage of Whatsapp Marketing. Now 90% of mobile phone users have Whatsapp installed, and it is used by 600 million people worldwide. It has less restrictions than text messages, which are limited to 160 characters, Whatsapp messages can be up to 1000 characters per message and of course you can also send images, video and audio too.

Whatsapp marketing gives you the ability to create lists of willing contacts in much the same way as email marketing. This gives you a target audience to send your Whatsapp marketing messages to. Studies have shown that the conversion rates for Whatsapp messages is higher than those of email marketing and text messages.

Whatsapp Marketing from Shout! Gives you the opportunity to send bulk messages to your customers therefore creating leads and gaining new customers.

Key Features of Whatsapp Marketing:

  • Be cool and up-to-date with the latest form of marketing and mass communication
  • Send clear and concise messages with the longer message facility
  • Send audio clips to your customers including voice or music
  • Send video clips to make your message stand out from the crowd
  • Take your marketing to another level by sending images
  • Send special offers and vouchers via Whatsapp Marketing.
  • Make a list of willing participants who want to hear your message
  • Get the guaranteed delivery that email marketing can’t promise
  • Get regular reports of click through rates and open rates
  • Send messages to your customers from ANYWHERE
  • Ask questions and do surveys to find out what your customers want
  • Communicate effectively with your team
  • Do your marketing via smart phone or tablet for marketing on the go!

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Whatsapp is now owned by Facebook and there isn’t an awful lot that those guys at Facebook don’t know about marketing. Whatsapp is here to stay, why else would Facebook spend 20 billion dollars to buy it? Jump on the bandwagon now and be a pioneer of Whatsapp marketing for your business.

Whatsapp has become a social network in its own right so why not treat it as such. Use the app as a separate social media outlet and send out your messages in the same way as you would on Twitter or by email. It is a simple app to use, once its downloaded onto your smart phone or tablet you can access it any time, no need to log in each time. It is fast to load and simple to understand so that even the non-techy amongst us can understand and use it. Another great asset is that you can send group messages which is great for separating your contacts into different groups.

Using Whatsapp as an individual you are limited to sending single messages, but we at Shout! Online Marketing Agency have the solution to that problem. We can send out bulk messages on your behalf saving you time and effort for very little cost.