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What Whatsapp Marketing can do for your Business

  Whatsapp is huge and getting bigger by the day so what better way to market your business than to take advantage of Whatsapp Marketing. Now 90% of mobile phone users have Whatsapp installed, and it is used by 600 million people worldwide. It has less restrictions than text messages, which are limited to 160 characters, Whatsapp messages can be up to 1000 characters per message and of course you can also send images, video and audio too. Whatsapp marketing gives you the ability to create lists of willing contacts in much the same way as email marketing. This gives…

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Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns

The key to creating successful Facebook Ad Campaigns is to select the right audience. Targeting your ads will ensure they are seen by the right people and not just random people who will scroll right past them in their news feed. Targeting lookalike customers means you are searching out other people similar to those who already like your page, people who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Here are some tips for creating your Facebook Ad Campaigns: Select your audience wisely Facebook adverts manager lets you specifically choose the people who will see your ads….

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