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Posted On: 05 Sep 2014

Prevent Malware attacks on your website. Be Hacker aware!

With the recent information security hacks scandal, keeping your online information safe is on everyone’s minds. Prevent Malware attacks and up your security. Hollywood stars take note; there are ways to prevent being hacked and to keep your private info PRIVATE!


Monitor your website

Always make sure you have a top quality malware protection installed, there are lots of options out there for this.  Malware attacks are becoming more frequent, in the last year the number of malware signatures being used for attacks, increased from 600,000 to 1,600,000. Malware is automated and can attack any site on the internet if you aren’t properly protected.

Scan your website

There are new and better ways, being developed every day, to hack into websites. Whatever your security, you can still be hacked so the best way to defend your site is to make it difficult for malware to attack so the bots will move on to another, easier target. Scanning your site regularly will help to pinpoint and remove any malware that has got through your defenses.

Clean up your website

If your malware security or scans highlight any problems, get them cleaned up straight away. It is absolutely vital to eliminate potential risks before they can do any harm to your computer or websites. Be on the ball when it comes to online security and don’t make the same mistakes as those in the news recently.

Do you think your website is safe from malware attacks? How sure are you that your important information is secure? If you have protected customer information online you need to make doubly sure that no one can access it! There are so many ways for good online safety that you have no excuses not to have the best! Check out Online Safety: The Fight against the Heartbleed Bug for more examples of online security. Don’t make your Online Marketing Campaign vulnerable to attack!

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