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Posted On: 12 Sep 2014

Video Marketing with YouTube TrueView videos

Google TrueView – What you need to know!


Video marketing has been proven over and over, to be the most effective form of advertising. Delivering your marketing message in a visually appealing way helps you to connect with your customers and encourages them to share. YouTube is the most watched video website on the internet so it makes sense to use video marketing as a part of your Online Marketing Campaign.

Here are some great reasons to use YouTube TrueView Video Marketing

  • YouTube video marketing allows you to target your audience by age, location and interests
  • You only pay when someone watches your ad, so no wasted advertising revenue
  • They can be viewed on computers, tablets and smart phones
  • You can use the TrueView free analytics to see which campaigns are working for you
  • It will help you to build up a following of subscribers for future video marketing campaigns

It is very easy to create your video ads and start your video marketing campaign, just take these three simple steps:

  • Create your ad and upload it onto YouTube
  • Create your Google AdWords account
  • Choose your target audience and launch your ad!


If you need help with any aspect of this, we at Shout! Online Marketing Agency, are always available for a consultation, just get in touch. YouTube has tutorials on how to create video ads for those who are new to video marketing.

Choosing YouTube TrueView ads for your video marketing campaign is a wise choice. You not only get the widest exposure for your ads, you get a high quality service and great support system too. Engaging with the right kind of audience is vital for your advertising success. With TrueView you can give your audience what they are looking for, and therefore likely to click on, rather than bombarding people with advertisements they may not be interested in.

There are different types of video marketing ads to choose from, choosing the right format for your business allows you to have more control with increased targeting:

  • In-display: this is where the ads appear alongside the videos, viewers need to click on the ad to view and advertisers only pay when the ad is watched.
  • In-search: this is where the video is found on YouTube search results, viewers need to click on the search result to view and advertisers only pay when someone clicks.
  • In-stream: this is where the ad appears at the start of a video and viewers can choose to skip the ad, advertisers only pay when the ad is played.





YouTube TrueView video marketing uses Google Adwords to expose your videos to the people who want to see them. As YouTube is integrated with Google, anything that appears in its channel is optimized for SEO for your business. For video marketing success, increased engagement and sales, YouTube TrueView advertising is a great choice for businesses of all sizes. Why not give it a try and put a toe in the video marketing world? If in doubt then ask the professionals in an online marketing agency to assist you with your video marketing strategy.