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Posted On: 25 Apr 2014

6 Strategies for Video Marketing

Online video viewings now account for 50% of mobile usage and 55% of all internet traffic will be video based by 2016. 92% of mobile video viewers will share that video with others! 24% of global brands now use video marketing as part of their marketing campaigns. These are statistics you cannot afford to ignore when you are planning your Online Marketing Strategy, video marketing is the next big thing, don’t miss out!

Video Marketing

Learn who your audience is

Do your research to find out who your customers are likely to be, age, gender, location can all affect the way you promote yourself and how you should plan your video marketing. This should be the first step in your video marketing campaign.

Pick a video style

Your style of video should reflect your market and be appealing to your target audience. A vintage style product slide show with classical music for example may not be appealing if your target audience are under 25’s and you are trying to sell designer trainers!

Choose your platform

There are lots of video platforms about these days, for short sharp marketing Vimeo or Vines are great but did you know that Youtube is now owned by Google? What better way to work your way up the search engine rankings that by marketing your business on Google’s own video platform?

Decide on your subject matter

An obvious choice for people with products to sell would be to showcase those products in video form, alternatively giving advice or instructions for your chosen service can help you to be seen as an expert in your field. Whatever your business, have a look what is already out there in your market and think about how you can do it better or differently to stand out from the crowd.

Be SEO ready

Make your video title keyword rich and write your description around keywords used to search for your product or service. Also use keywords in your text in your video and make sure you put a call to action ie “Visit our Website”, “For more information see this article” using your keywords too. Don’t go over the top with keywords, they need to be subtle or it looks too obvious.

Monetise your videos

Allowing ads to be shown on your videos can bring in revenue alongside marketing your business, for more information about creating your own advertisements for video see our Video Marketing page.

Above all make it interesting, you need to grab your audience and hold them until the end, if the quality, content or sound is bad then no one will watch to the end which is where you need to drive people to your website or online shop to buy your services or products.