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Posted On: 28 Apr 2014

WhatsApp Marketing the Latest Marketing Phenomenon

With Whatsapp Marketing you can send your bulk messages to your target audience with only one click. It is the next step up from SMS marketing because you can send images, text and video thru million users. You can group your Whatsapp contacts into certain groups to send your messages to targeted people rather than the same message to all.

Whatsapp Marketing

You can easily send images and photos to make your message stand out from the crowd. Not only images but you can send GPS map locations, emoticons, vouchers etc, all tools to improve your online marketing and drive customers to your website or online store. Message numbers are unlimited with Whatsapp so you can send to multiple customers every day if that is what you need to do and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Whatsapp is also proving to be as effective as Email Marketing as more and more people are using mobile devices so are much more likely to open a Whatsapp message than an email. In addition to this, Whatsapp does not have filters so every message you send will be received by the person you send it to, unlike emails who have all kind of filters which could filter out your messages before they reach their destination.

With Whatsapp Marketing you have access to people all over the world, those messages can be accessed anytime, anywhere by anyone with a mobile phone, customers have the ability to reply immediately and quickly. You can send unlimited amount of text and images plus lots of other marketing tools such as vouchers and coupons straight to your targeted customers.

Increase your ROI, up your customer conversion rate, communicate easily with your target audience. Our Online Marketing Agency Shout developed WhatasApp Marketing platform bulk messages,  part of our marketing services, why not drop us a line to find out more, Contact Us for information.