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Posted On: 11 Jun 2014

20 great SEO tips every website should use (part one)

When you build and maintain a website it is crucial to your success to employ strategic SEO strategies. It is make or break for your Online Marketing Campaign to optimize your SEO. For those who don’t understand what SEO is all about have a look at our tips for improving your website’s SEO:

 SEO tips

1)      Keyword research

You need the right research tools to do the job properly or you can easily get the wrong results. Google keyword tools aren’t necessarily always the best ones to use so shop around.

2)      How to analise traffic

Google analytics is the best known analytics tool but there are others out there that are just as effective too Kissmetrics and StatCounter being just a couple of those.

3)      Check for duplicate content

If you use your own writers for your website content or outsource the work you will always need to check for duplicate content. Copyscape is a great tool to check if the content on your site is duplicated anywhere else on the internet; it is bad SEO practice to duplicate content.

4)      Understand Meta Tags

Meta tags are the thing that search engines look for when deciding what sites are relevant to your search. The better use of Meta tags, the higher your Search Engine Ranking will be.

5)      Submit your sitemap to search engines

Your website has the ability to generate XML sitemaps, it may be an integrated option or you can add a plug-in to do the job. You can submit your sitemap to search engines such as Google.

6)      Use of Robots.txt

Using this text can block search engine bots from accessing your site. Why would you want to do this? You can be downgraded in search engine ranking if some pages of your site are of low quality content, using robots.txt can block the bots from these pages therefore improving your Search Engine Ranking.

7)      Browser plug-in for nofollow links

To avoid human error in SEO you will need plug-ins to check your nofollow links and make sure there are no mistakes and you haven’t added nofollow to links that you didn’t want to. A great tool for this is ChromeEdit Plus.

8)      Links and anchor text

Link building is still the biggest factor in SEO, in recent times it has been necessary to make links more natural and organic to increase your Search Engine Optimisation.

9)      Firebug

Used primarily by Firefox, Firebug is a plug-in which assists you in inspecting your HTML and CSS properties. You can also use this plug-in for other browsers by using Firebug lite.

10)   Bing webmaster tools

Bing have some great tools which Google do not have (yet), including a link explorer tool and an SEO analiser to pick up mistakes you may have missed.

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Here is a great video to watch about SEO mistakes and how to avoid them: