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Posted On: 10 Oct 2014

Why do the British love eBay the world’s biggest online shop?


ebay-online shop

eBay is still the world’s biggest and most popular online shop but what makes it so popular with Britons? There are 233 million people registered on eBay worldwide and 26 million of those are British!


Work from home

Individuals can sell their second hand items as well as their home made and craft products. Businesses can create online shops to sell just about anything you can imagine on eBay. There are no overheads such as rent or bills for a physical shop and all you have to do is send your items through a courier or the post office.

Shop from home

We all love to shop online, there is no battling through crowded high streets, having to leave the house in all weather. Online shopping means we don’t need to wash our hair or even get dressed to do our shopping and on eBay you can buy just about anything you need. Check out the eBay search function to see all the weird and wonderful things you can buy.

Safe online payment

The main payment option on eBay is Paypal which is the safest way to pay for online purchases. There is a payment protection on Paypal as there is if you pay by credit card which makes your online payments safer and more secure than they have ever been in the past.

Easy to manage

All it takes is a few clicks and you are off and running. Take some beautiful photos of your items for sale, write some eye catching descriptions and add them all to eBay to start selling straight away. Make sure your terms and conditions reflect all of your policies when it comes to payments, returns, postage etc to cover all bases.

Brits love to shop!

There is no doubt at all that Brits love to shop. They also love to sell. When the online shopping revolution began it was the British who were banging down eBay’s door to start buying and selling and 19 years later that obsession has only increased.

What does this all tell us about the future of eCommerce and Online Shopping? It is increasing year on year so those of you with products to sell are missing out on an amazing opportunity if you aren’t taking advantage of this continuing trend! Open your own eBay shop or for even better sales and results open your very own online shop. More and more people are using the internet to shop, mobile devices are being used and even overtaking desktops for browsing and shopping. Even Twitter is getting in on the act with their new buy now button.
If you don’t want to open your own eBay store then why not get your own Online Shop designed by us at Shout! Online Marketing Agency. We can advise you on every aspect of your online shop depending on your needs and design it to your specifications.

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