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Posted On: 13 May 2014

Improve your online shop sales

Different products sell in different ways so there are no set rules for Online Shop Design. If you get the basics right you are halfway to successful and plentiful sales in your online shop. When you have got your shop right then you can move on to your online marketing campaign, but first things first:

online shop design

Get your design right

A professional design not only looks great, but if done correctly will improve your search engine optimisation and make you more visible in search engine rankings. Would you buy from an online shop that looked like it was designed by a child?

Test it

Every product sells in a different way. Take the time to test what works best for your products. Try out different layouts and featured products, then ask for people’s opinion, which could also be used to engage with your customers on social media.

Make it mobile friendly

People are using mobile devices more and more to browse online. Make sure your online shop design is mobile friendly, if it doesn’t function on a phone or tablet then you will lose sales.

Offer multiple ways to pay

If it isn’t easy to pay for items and you don’t offer lots of different payment methods, people will walk away. There is nothing more frustrating than shopping online to find you come to the checkout and can’t pay. Offer a range of credit and debit cards as well as PayPal to cover all bases.

Whatever else you do to promote your online shop; it won’t work unless you get the basics right first. It is no good driving people to visit your shop if they can’t navigate or pay when they get there. Get your online shop design right and you WILL make your sales. Have a look at more ways to Increase your Online Store Sales.