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Posted On: 03 May 2014

Is e-commerce killing high street shopping?

As shopping online is becoming ever more popular does this mean that the popularity of the high street shop is waning? Online shops such as Amazon and eBay offer the luxury of shopping from your armchair so do we need to leave the house to go shopping on the high street anymore or is e-commerce the way of the future?


E-commerce for customers 

E-commerce can provide the choice that individual shops cannot, customers can stay at home in comfort and avoid having to travel, find parking or carry heavy bags home. With online shopping you don’t even need to get dressed and your shopping will be delivered, neatly packaged, right to your door. You get to compare prices in seconds, rather than having to trawl around several (hundred?) shops, so saving money or the customer has never been simpler. Of course you don’t get to touch, try on or try an item before you buy it online as you can in a shop but the positives more than outweigh this tiny negative.

E-commerce for retailers 

E-commerce is fast becoming a retailer’s first choice when setting up a new business. With much lower overheads, such as no shop rent, it is a cheap and easy way to get started in a new retail business. Starting an Online Shop is an easy process that anyone with a little technical knowledge can do. You must make sure that your online shop is functional and professional as well as being aimed at your target market in terms of design.

We at Shout! Online Marketing Agency are experts in online shop design. You should consider many factors before opening your online shop including: your business image (brand), your target audience (who will buy your product or service?), how you will market your new business (making your shop easily shareable), how easy is it to navigate? (good functionality) and how professional does it look? Ask us Why it is important to have a professional online store design?

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