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Posted On: 07 Jul 2014

Ecommerce is changing, is your Online Shop up to date?

With increasing numbers of Online Shops springing up all over the internet, you need to be on top of your game to make your Online Shop Design stand out. There are many businesses that are switching over to sell solely online, to cut back on overheads. How can you make sure your Online Shop is a cut above the rest?

Ecommerce is changing, is your Online Shop up to date


Keep it simple

Is your site clear, easy to navigate and functional? If not you need to fix it…and soon! If your Online Shop is confusing or difficult to navigate around, your customers will be gone. Everyone is in a rush and if a job takes too long to do, your customers will just move on to the next shop.

Describe your products

It sounds simple but too many don’t do this. Make sure your products are described clearly and accurately. If they aren’t you will lose custom.

Use quality images

You need your Online Shop to look professional. Poor quality images of your products will send people running for the hills. Not only do they look unprofessional but you are not showing your products off to their greatest advantage. If in doubt ask a professional!

Make sure your Online Shop looks safe and secure

People are wary, and quite rightly so, of shopping online. It is crucial to let customers know your Online Shop is to be trusted and is a safe way for them to spend their money. Get some real customer testimonials on there; ensure you have a range of payment methods which are safe and secure.

It seems obvious to do the above doesn’t it, but there are lots of businesses out there that are getting it wrong. If your shop isn’t up to scratch then your customers will move on to the next one, and let’s face it there are plenty to choose from these days.

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