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Certified Partner by Google Adwords, SHOUT! will increase your sales thru online marketing strategies!

Pay Per Click Campaigns, Google Adwords

Certified Partner of Google Adwords

Strategic planning campaign by sector and client’s Goals.

SHOUT! can help you with this services:

  • Create and optimize campaigns
  • Trade Representative and Manager dedicated for your account
  • Credit line with bank transfer payment of 30 days
  • Click Through Rate improvements (CTR)
  • Monitoring reports
  • Guaranteed Return on Investment

We use the full potential of Google Adwords advertising in the Search Engine Network and Google Display Network targeting your ad to reach your target audience of people who will be interested in your products or services.

What we do?

– Site Analysis (Landing Page): To achieve the highest level of quality in a Google Adwords campaign is essential to have landing pages (Responsive Design) relevant to the potential customer. If these are not available on your website, our team of experts, will design the most effective landing pages. Add the different conversion codes to the forms fo the websites or e-commerce Site


Behavioral Remarketing

Campaign Analysis And Optimization

Set Up Campaign: Articulate the campaign modules, depending on product type, geographic area, both positive and negative keywords, ad types and groups. We use all the potential for advertising of Adwords, Google Search and Content Network. Web-enabled tools to control conversions.

Campaign Optimization: Click Through Rate improvements (CTR rate), if the cost per click went down or if the bid is higher than the competition. We study the google Display Network, we will increase the positioning of your ads, Optimize campaign ads, optimize irrelevant clicks, try to increase conversions rates.

Marketing your campaign: During the management of the google adwords campaign, we continuously reduce costs and increase conversion rates to maximize your campaign ROI (Return On Investment). Campaigns are analyzed and reviewed daily this allow a constant optimization of the campaign.

Monitoring reports: Throughout the campaign, we made a constant follow-up, preparing the necessary reports  to keep  a tight check of your campaign, focusing on conversions rates and budget.

SHOUT is a Google Adwords Certified Partner

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REMARKETING at the Google DIsplay Network

Some of the banners or text ads we get on the web, are based on custom views, predictions or user interests, habits generated from visits over time and between different websites.

The Remarketing gives us the ability to communicate with potential customers or users that have visited your website, which provides a new effective way to match potential customers with the right message through a Banner.

The Behavioral Remarketing is the Interest-based advertising – which is enabled through the web browser, the famous cookies for each browser. This segmented and personalized online advertising generates more than 2% conversion rate considering its ROI.