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Posted On: 10 Sep 2014

Monetize your Mobile App with Facebook Audience Network

Facebook-Audience Network

Product Spotlight: Introducing Facebook’s Audience Network…

Facebook has a new digital marketing platform called Facebook Audience Network. It is the latest move by Facebook to encourage users to advertise businesses on Mobile Apps. Facebook Audience Network allows you to target your audience for a more effective Online Marketing Campaign.

Facebook has a huge advantage over all other marketing outlets in that is stores huge amounts of personal data, giving them the inside information on browsing habits, likes and dislikes and geographical position that only Google itself can rival.

How does Facebook Audience Network work?

The ads come in three formats:

  • IAB Banners
  • IAB Interstitials
  • Native ad units

Facebook Audience Network

(Ask us for more info about these)

The ads are designed around audience engagement and app installation. There will be strict rules with Facebook Audience Network including no hidden ads, accidental clicks, forcing people to click the ad to leave the screen or more than one ad on a page at any one time.

It is in the early stages yet, having only just rolled out but we are sure that Facebook Audience Network will evolve and change depending on customer’s needs and requirements. This new system will give app developers more choices when it comes to advertising. It will also enable advertisers to created more relevant and targeted ads.

You are able to target your ads using Facebook’s existing ad features such as custom audiences, look alike audiences and core audiences, giving you a higher click through rate than you would receive with non-targeted ads. You will also be able to analyze and measure your advertising results with the built in analytics.

Facebook will be serious competitors to Google when the Facebook Audience Network becomes fully functional and is out of the Beta stage. Maybe now is the time to jump on the bandwagon and become a pioneer in Facebook mobile advertising. Facebook has been slowly building up to this big move for a year or more, they have evolved over time into paid advertising and more specific targeting, to create revenue.

Facebook are hungry for a piece of the action with regards to paid advertising, they are working hard to make it work so take advantage of it in its early stages. They are set to take mobile advertising to the next level….watch out Google!

At the moment the Facebook Audience Network only supports mobile advertising but in the future, Faceboook have plans to roll out and support a variety of marketing platforms such as in-store sales or eCommerce businesses and Online Shops.

It can be very difficult to develop a Mobile Marketing Campaign when you are not sure what you are doing. It is highly recommended that you work with a partner to create an effective Mobile Marketing Campaign using Facebook Audience Network to get the most success and best ROI.

If you are seriously considering stepping up your online marketing campaign and would like to try out Mobile Marketing, get in touch with us here at Shout! Online Marketing Agency for advice and strategy planning.