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Posted On: 13 Jul 2014

15 Acronyms for your Social Media Marketing Campaign

The world of Social Media Marketing can be confusing to start with; there are so many networks and platforms out there! To make it even more difficult there are all the acronyms to deal with too. Here are some of the most important ones that you should be aware of for your Social Media Marketing Campaign:


B2B: Business-to-business (marketing your business service to another business)

B2C: Business-to-consumer (marketing your business to a consumer)

BR: Bounce rate (the number of people who click on your website email then go no further)

CPC: Cost-per-click (the amount it costs each time someone clicks on your paid ad)

CR: Conversion rate (the number of people who complete an action such as buying something)

CTA: Call-to-action (A link to send customers to your website of Facebook page etc, i.e. click here to like our page)

GA: Google analytics (a Google service to translate your online and marketing statistics/sales etc)

PV: Page view (how to see how many people have visited your web pages)

QR code: a barcode which can be scanned to send people to the place of your choice, i.e. online shop, website, email marketing list etc)

ROI: Return on investment (the measurement of your return compared to the amount of money you have invested)

SEM: Search engine marketing (marketing your business specifically to promote your websites etc to be more visible in search engine rankings)

SEO: Search engine optimization (the way to optimize your website/blog/online shop etc to rank higher in Google searches)

SMB: Small-to-medium-business (small and medium sized businesses)

SMO: Social-media-optimization (ensuring your social media marketing is correctly optimized)

WOM: Word of mouth (information and recommendations passed from one person to another)

There are many more out there but at least you have some of the more common ones here to get you started with your Social Media Marketing Campaign.

For some more great acronyms in the business world have a look at this video…