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Posted On: 05 Aug 2014

Five Google+ Tools for Social Media Marketing

Automating some, or all, of your Social Media Marketing Campaign, is an absolute must for business owners and Social Media managers today. There are too many networks and too little time to do it all manually these days. Google+ is made up of many features and is different from any other social network. This can make managing your Google+ account clumsy and awkward.

google+ tools for marketing

Here are some top tips to make your life easier when using Google+ and improve your Social Media Marketing:

Post Ads

Post Ads on Google+ are similar to Facebook ads. Your page needs to have more than 1000 followers to use this feature. It is a great way to get your posts seen and shared by people outside of your circles.

YouTube Integration

YouTube is owned by Google so linking up your accounts makes great marketing sense. Building a network on both channels can increase your audience and your engagement.

All My + Statistics

This is the analytics tool designed specifically for Google+. You have the ability to measure your statistics regarding your post popularity and engagement to monitor what aspects of your social media marketing campaign are working for you.


Buffer is a post automation service which is integrated with Google+. You can load your posts into your Buffer and schedule times for them to be posted for you. You can add up to 10 posts in the free version of Buffer and then the paid version, which you can add more networks and up to 100 posts, is only $10 a month.


SoundCloud is also integrated with Google+ so it makes perfect sense to link the two. Sharing podcasts, music etc is a great alternative to written posts and grabs more attention from your customers.

Google+ should be an essential part of your Social Media Marketing Campaign. It is crucial for SEO and although it doesn’t create the same “social” side as other networks, don’t under estimate the importance of building up your network on Google+.

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