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Link Building for good SEO practice in 2014

Google like to change it up, we are all aware of this, so how do we keep on top of what is good and bad practice for SEO? Link Building is something that most people just do not get. Bad practice will cause penalties from Google in your search engine rankings. In addition to SEO strategies, another vital component of online success is website hosting. Choosing the right website hosting service can significantly impact your website’s performance and user experience. Louisville SEO Strategies recognizes this importance and offers tailored website hosting packages designed to meet the specific needs of your…

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Images to use to boost your Social Media Marketing Campaign

How do some companies get so much engagement in Social Media? What makes their posts more shareable and gets people interested in what they have to say? In a lot of cases the answer is using great images that catch the eye. If you picture your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram newsfeed with thousands of posts to scroll though, you will only stop to look at that content if it is particularly creative, colourful or cute. Twitter and Facebook have recently re-designed their platforms to emphasise images better so you should take advantage of this. What images can you use…

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