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Posted On: 07 Aug 2014

Why you need Social Media Monitoring for Online Marketing Success

Happily networking away on Social Media is all very well but are you measuring yours and your competitions online efforts? Online Marketing has become much more than just being social. You need to monitor and measure your results to ensure your efforts are not in vain. Here are some very good reasons why you should be monitoring your Social Media for Online Marketing success.


You need to know what to monitor

Keep an eye on your engagement and click through rates by checking your website or online shop stats to discover where your traffic came from. You should also be monitoring your competition to see what they are up to and if they are doing it better than you. A third suggestion is to use keywords to search for topics in your industry to keep on top of what’s happening in the world.

You need to know what tools to use

Here are some suggestions for great tools to use for measuring your Online Marketing Campaign:

  • Google Keywords
  • Google Alerts
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Mention
  • Hootsuite

You can also use great sites such as Feedly or Stumbled Upon to track your competitors.

You need to know what you are looking for

Keep an eye out for positive or negative feedback about you or your competitors and ACT ON IT. Are people out there asking questions you can answer? Get in there before your competition. What content that you are sharing is creating the most engagement?

You need to know how to use your results

Make sure you use your most successful formulas over and over again. Use current trends to inspire your content, if people are searching for a subject, write something around that subject to fit in with your niche and people will find you when they search. Also learn from your failures…i.e. don’t make the same mistakes again!

Social Media Marketing Campaigns are evolving, are you up to date with the latest trends? We are always on hand to give you advice or plan your Online Marketing Strategies, contact us at Shout! Online Marketing Agency to see what we can do for you.

Watch some great statistics on Social Media Monitoring: