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How does Word of Mouth Marketing become a sale?

Word of mouth Marketing is important to businesses of all sizes, but how do you turn your shared content into a sale via word of mouth? What makes some businesses thrive on word of mouth Marketing, where others fail? Word of mouth doesn’t literally just mean a person recommending you to another person. It also means people sharing your content, this is a recommendation to their friends that you have something worthwhile to say or show. Sometimes articles, photos, videos etc go viral. There is no set formula when this happens. All you can do to try to achieve this in…

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15 Acronyms for your Social Media Marketing Campaign

The world of Social Media Marketing can be confusing to start with; there are so many networks and platforms out there! To make it even more difficult there are all the acronyms to deal with too. Here are some of the most important ones that you should be aware of for your Social Media Marketing Campaign: B2B: Business-to-business (marketing your business service to another business) B2C: Business-to-consumer (marketing your business to a consumer) BR: Bounce rate (the number of people who click on your website email then go no further) CPC: Cost-per-click (the amount it costs each time someone clicks…

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