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Posted On: 15 Jun 2014

Images to use to boost your Social Media Marketing Campaign

How do some companies get so much engagement in Social Media? What makes their posts more shareable and gets people interested in what they have to say? In a lot of cases the answer is using great images that catch the eye. If you picture your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram newsfeed with thousands of posts to scroll though, you will only stop to look at that content if it is particularly creative, colourful or cute. Twitter and Facebook have recently re-designed their platforms to emphasise images better so you should take advantage of this. What images can you use to boost your Social Media Marketing Campaign?

Images for engagement

Your Product

If you sell products that look nice, then what better way to promote them than to take nice photos and share them all over your social networks? For example: if you sell shoes take a photo of some great, shiny, killer heels, add a great tag line and launch it into the Social Media stratosphere. Someone who is looking for some great, shiny, killer heels may share your image and say “Love, love, love these, who will buy some for me?” which will increase your engagement, encourage others to share and drive traffic to your website.

Behind the scenes

Take a photo of the work in progress, if you do something particularly artistic or technical then share your process with the Social Media world and let them have a sneak peek behind the scenes. This is often fascinating to people and they will comment, engage and visit your website to see more of what you do.

Showcase other people’s products

Social Media Marketing is all about the sharing, so by being clever and putting someone else in the spotlight you not only increase their audience, but you increase your own by making their audience aware that you exist. Not only will that person (and their friends, family and followers) share your image and post, but they will increase your engagement by thanking you, making their own followers more aware of you and letting everyone know what a great person you are! In return they will also share your products and services as a thank you.

A team effort

If you work as part of a team and your followers are aware that different people are posting and sharing on your social networks, why not take a team photo? People love nothing better than seeing the faces behind the names they have got to know so well and it gets people chatting with “You look just how I imagined you would” or “What a good looking team you have there” etc. A lot of us don’t like having our photo taken but if you bite the bullet and give it a go you may be surprised at how much it can boost your Social Media Marketing Campaign.


If you are a graphic designer or you have one on your team, then why not design and make your own infographics? Rich-media is the latest thing in Content Marketing and it really does increase your audience by engaging them and encouraging them to share. If you produce good quality infographics then people will share them and go visit your website for a closer look at what you do.

Give it a go you may be surprised at how well it works for your Social Media Marketing Campaign.

For more great image ideas to share on Social Media check out this video:

How to use Images to Enhance Your Marketing 3