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Posted On: 15 Jul 2014

Take your Email Marketing Campaign to the next level

It is a pointless and futile exercise to send out hundreds of emails every week, if they just get deleted without being read. You need to make your Email Marketing Campaign stand out from the hundreds of other emails that people get in their inboxes every day. We at Shout! Online Marketing Agency are passionate about great Email Marketing Campaigns and we love to share our top tips with you.

Great ways to boost your


Make it nice and easy for your customers to subscribe to your list. It sounds like obvious advice but you would be surprised at how hard some folk make it. Make sure your subscribe link or sign up for is EVERYWHERE! Put it on your website, your Facebook page, your Twitter account and anywhere else you can legally get away with.

Tag Line

You need to grab their attention before they delete your email without opening it. Make it snappy, informative, funny, quirky, whatever, but make it stand out. Let your customers know what they will be getting if they open and read your email. Make them want to read it!

Quality Content

It is human nature to want to answer questions, so ask them. Do surveys, ask customers what they want, find out things about your customers habits. There are a million questions you could ask and it creates great engagement. Don’t waffle too much about nothing in particular, when faced with an inbox full of emails, people just want to get through them as soon as possible. Make your content short and snappy, give them information and don’t forget your call to action.


Well who can resist something for nothing? Give something away, it could be a product, a taster of your service, some great advice in the form of an EBook, a “how to” video. Whatever it is let folks know you are giving something away and make it something they want or need!

Our mission is to improve the “junk mail” that people send out, it is a waste of your time and most people just won’t read it! Clean up your Email Marketing Campaign and watch those sales come rolling in.

For more ideas to rev up your Email Marketing Campaign watch this great video…