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Posted On: 07 Jun 2014

3 ways to measure your Email Marketing success

It is all very well to send out pretty, informative emails but are they actually achieving sales for you? You could send out an email a day offering advice or information or special offers but if the end result isn’t making money for you then your efforts are being wasted. So how can you measure the success of your Email Marketing Campaign?

Email Marketing Success

Open rate

Your open rate can be measured by your Email service provider; they are usually quite simple tools to use. If your Email Marketing Campaign is being managed by an Online Marketing Agency such as Shout! Then it will be part of their service to track and measure your open rates, click through rates and delivery rates. Your open rate is often measured as a percentage of the total emails you send, please bear in mind that the open rate is just part of the tracking you need to do. Combinations of track able statistics are needed to measure your success. 


Once you have successfully managed to get a good open rate for your Email Marketing the next stage is to measure your engagement. If a potential customer opens your email they may go n further than to delete it. The engagement rate is needed to tell you how many of those who open your Email then go on to click your links, visit your website, make purchases and share your information with their email contacts and social networks. Your engagement is also key to improving your campaign, it is crucial to measure which emails have been more successful and understand why that is. You may have one great email that got an 80% open rate and a 90% engagement rate (the dream of all Online Marketing Campaigns), what did you do or say in that email to make it so popular, find your formula and emulate that in all your future emails.


All of your hard work measuring and tracking your emails is pointless if all people are doing is reading and sharing them. The crucial part of any Online Marketing Campaign is to make those sales, that’s what it is all about isn’t it? Use analytics to find out where each click and each sale is coming from and copy that formula again and again as long as it still works. Don’t forget the world of Online Marketing is ever changing to keep up to date with what’s going on and keep making those sales!

Watch this video for more great ideas of how to manage your Email Marketing Campaign:

Successful Email Marketing – How It’s Done