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Monetize your Mobile App with Facebook Audience Network

Product Spotlight: Introducing Facebook’s Audience Network… Facebook has a new digital marketing platform called Facebook Audience Network. It is the latest move by Facebook to encourage users to advertise businesses on Mobile Apps. Facebook Audience Network allows you to target your audience for a more effective Online Marketing Campaign. Facebook has a huge advantage over all other marketing outlets in that is stores huge amounts of personal data, giving them the inside information on browsing habits, likes and dislikes and geographical position that only Google itself can rival. How does Facebook Audience Network work? The ads come in three formats:…

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Online safety: the fight against the Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug is a programming flaw that can allow hackers to obtain your login and password details and also access files stored in your RAM. This would give criminals access to websites, bank accounts, emails, social media accounts, online shops and many others seriously jeopardising your online safety.   The Heartbleed bug exploits a flaw in OpenSSL which is a software library used by services to keep data transmissions private. Governments and businesses alike are all vulnerable to attack by this bug and more attacks are expected. People have been advised to change passwords on any accounts used, there…

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