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Posted On: 03 Jul 2014

Five Successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile Marketing is a huge part of any successful Online Marketing Campaign in this day and age. You need to touch on every aspect of marketing and smart-phones and tablets are used by 88% of all internet users at some point during their daily browsing activities. If you are not sure where to start with your Mobile Marketing Campaign, look no further than these companies who have made a huge success of their Online Marketing:



Diesel have tried a new idea for Mobile Marketing which is to design a QR code that lets you like a product on their Facebook Page. In doing so you advertise that product to your Facebook friends and in return you get a discount when you buy that product.


Macy’s have used QR codes to give discounts also, plus they provide explanations on YouTube about their program’s for us less than tech savvy, ordinary folk. They have also enabled the QR codes to be accessible by text so that those without smart-phones can still get the discounts.


Nordstrom used a Mobile Marketing Campaign to create Social Media engagement and let its customers know about its Rack brand. The ads sent viewers to their Facebook page, Twitter account and Flipbook pages and was very successful.


Starbucks introduced a simple, yet extremely effective mobile payment app, one of the first companies to do this. It allows customers to pay for their coffee using their phone, making for a quicker service. Millions of people use this method every week!


Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign asked people in the USA to vote on their mobile app if images on billboards were beautiful or not. Not only did it raise awareness for Dove but also sent an important message regarding health and abnormal body image to millions of women.

It’s time to think outside the box with your Mobile Marketing Campaign, try to emulate the people who do it right and put your own slant on things. Of course if this is something you don’t understand of you just don’t have the time to implement, we at Shout! Online Marketing Agency are always available to answer your questions and plan a strategy with you for your Mobile Marketing.

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