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Posted On: 14 May 2014

Video Marketing: The most shared ads on YouTube

Whether you make videos yourself, or you use TrueView video ads, the more your stuff gets shared the wider your audience and the bigger the potential customer base. We all dream of something we have done going viral, so have a look at the ones that do and try to emulate that for your niche market. Make your Video Marketing campaign one to remember. 



Romantic videos

We are all romantics at heart and who can resist a story of love. Romantic videos can appeal to people of all ages and can be used for any product or service, if you think outside the box (think Gold Blend coffee!). A heart warming love story will have people sharing like mad. 

Charity videos

Another way to tug at someone’s heart strings is to show that you are charitable. If you help out any charities then tell your story on video, show what you do to help. It will give you credibility and make you appear trustworthy as well as encouraging people to share the good work you do. 

Tech videos

Who doesn’t want to learn about the latest technology? Tech videos are some of the most shared on YouTube. If you have techy products or provide technological services then why not use this to your advantage and show your wares. Product reviews are also always popular so it could be another angle of your video marketing campaign. 

Travel videos

People love to travel, if you are in the travel industry in anyway, you are missing out if you are not using video marketing. Travellers not only watch more YouTube videos than almost any other group of people, they also share the most too.

Whatever your business, there is an angle for you to use a video marketing campaign. Read our article on Video Marketing for more ideas.