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Posted On: 01 Aug 2014

Why you need Rich Media for your Online Marketing Campaign

Images alone are no longer good enough for your content marketing strategy. Any Online Marketing Campaign worth its salt is now including Rich Media as content.

What is Rich Media?

Rich Media is images or video where you can interact in some way. It is using advanced technology to enhance the user experience on your website. The aim of Rich Media is to create greater engagement and a better response. This, in turn, generates better quality leads and therefore more sales. Adding layers to your images, interaction to your videos, games, social media interaction and many other options, you are encouraging your customers to tweet, follow, click, share and ultimately buy.


Here are some examples of Rich Media Content for your Online Marketing Campaign….

  • In-page is an image or video that is embedded in an existing web or blog page.
  • Floating is an image that floats on top of an existing page.
  • Video is a film that can be embedded in a web or blog page.
  • Multi-directional ads are ads that are placed in a position then expand in whichever direction when clicked.
  • Hover-ad is an ad that pops up on your screen when your mouse goes over it.
  • Push-down is an ad which pushes down the rest of the page so it can be read.
  • Peel-down is where an ad peels away from the page once it has been read.
  • Mobile in-app is an ad in mobile format that can include interaction, video, animation and other formats.

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Check out this great interactive infographic for Airbnb.

Here are some more great examples of Rich Media