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Posted On: 08 Mar 2013

Google or Facebook – what’s best for advertising? (Infographic)

Choosing between the best places to advertise on the web can be difficult, but here at SHOUT! your Social Media marketing and SEO experts in Malaga, we know the important factors in enabling our customers find the best way to increase sales and promote their web business.

We are often asked to choose between the world’s two most popular advertising media – which is the best utility for marketing and advertising in spain online, and how should we incorporate our search engine optimization ? – Are we better with Facebook Ads or with Google Ads? Today we compare the two largest online advertising media with relevant web marketing information from this infographic.

On the one hand we have Facebook the world’s largest social network which boasts of 825 million followers, and manages to reach 51% of its followers with advertising. On the other hand we have Google, the world’s largest and best-known search engine. Google and its display network is considered by most analysts as the largest online ad network and can boast of 180 billion ad impressions each month; additionally Google claims to reaches 90% of users who use it –  which is a powerful and effective outcome. If we compare revenues, Google also comes out on top – in 2012 it achieved 2.2 billion in revenues compared with the 0.8 billion euros that Facebook received. Worth noting too that Facebook profits decreased by 32% while Google’s actually rose by 0.7%.

As specialists in marketing and advertising online, we conclude that a higher return on investment can be achieved from advertising on Google, and that the extra direct targeting that Google offers, also makes it currently the better option. Of course Facebook intend to make changes that will narrow this gap, so we will continue to monitor market trends.

Whether you need to use an advertising agency in Spain to promote your business, or just need help with your online marketing presence, SHOUT! provides the expertise and current state-of-the-market knowledge to help you prosper.

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