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Posted On: 08 Feb 2013

5 ways to find work with Twitter

Social networks are becoming ever more useful in finding work (either freelance or even full-time positions)… Of course other social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook are good in this respect, but Twitter is also becoming more of an essential tool in finding work. Here are 5 ways you can enhance your social media marketing online and thus improve your chances:

i)                    Discover the best way to search topics on Twitter. One way is to learn the way hash-tags are used; also utilise lists that are curated for job-hunters. I personally landed a month’s work by searching on a skill in Twitter.

ii)                   Make it a priority to build your network plus keep in touch with ex workmates at a previous firm etc. Remember that you can monitor where old (or new) colleagues are finding opportunities or difficulties. Additionally you can connect with recruiters and current employees, so you can be kept informed of new vacancies.

iii)                 Tweet like an expert, as a form of social media marketing. You can build credibility and enhance your reputation by regularly contributing to news and trends in your area of expertise. This means that when someone in the field searches for someone with relevant knowledge, they may well approach you based on a Twitter search.

iv)                 Directly advertise you’re on the lookout for work and let people know you’re available for hire. This is already commonplace in LinkedIn, no reason why it can’t work in Twitter, but don’t overdo it, look for other places to carry out advertising too.

v)                  Take developing projects away from Twitter. When building a business relationship you can exchange email phone or skype contacts, eventually even meeting offline.

Good luck!