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Posted On: 13 Jun 2014

20 great SEO tips every website should use (part two)

Here is part two of our 20 great SEO tips for your Online Marketing Campaign.

SEO tips 2

11)  Google Alerts

Keep up to date with the latest news and content in your field by setting up Google Alerts with certain keywords to receive email notifications on that subject.

12)  Google Authorship

Sign up for Google Authorship, add all the websites you contribute to and Google will not only add your image next to posts in searches, it also makes it part of their ranking algorithm so great for SEO.

13)  Google+

Make sure your website or blog is linked with your Google+ account and you have an obvious G+ sharing button and Google will reward you with better Search Engine Rankings.

14)  Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools are used for checking your site for errors such as 404 errors, missing titles etc.

15)  Canonical URL’s

Canonical URL’s are multiple URL’s to link to similar content, it changes the parameter slightly for each search to let search engines know which is the best URL for that product.

16)  Analyze error logs

This does the same job as webmaster tools but you get to decide when you analyze the data rather than waiting for Google to find and report them. Analyzing your server logs is much better for your SEO.

17)  Analyze site performance

There are many plug-ins out there to measure and analyze your site’s performance. WebPageTest, Web Interface or YSlow are all recommended.

18)  Mobile SEO

Google will now remove sites from search results that are not mobile friendly. Make sure your website is mobile optimized, including optimum loading times and SEO, mobile browsing is growing daily and you can’t afford to miss out.

19)  Checking server header

Checking your server header is an easy process and there are lots of ways to re-direct old pages or websites to new ones. Make sure yours are up to date.

20)  WordPress

Last but not least is WordPress. WordPress is everywhere so we all need a basic understanding of it these days to build your site or at least link your site to a WordPress blog etc.

We hope you find our 20 tips helpful and clear, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Shout! Online Marketing Agency for more information.

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