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Posted On: 13 Aug 2014

Five things you should be doing in your Content Marketing Strategy

Recently we have talked a lot about Content Marketing. Building a strategy is a basic necessity for all businesses, whatever their size. Consistency, originality and quality are the base for every Content Marketing Campaign. How does your Content Marketing Strategy compare with your business rivals?


Here are five things you need to do:


Firstly you are going to have to listen to what is going on in the world. Set up Google Alerts for some well researched subjects in your niche market. Use newsfeeds to receive news from carefully selected sources. Subscribe to some blogs in your niche, or to people who are marketing experts, I can recommend Mashable and Buffer.


Current fresh content is, of course, vital to your Online Marketing Campaign. You can also re-use older blog posts and videos from time to time, as long as they are still relevant. Dust them off and get sharing again, there will be plenty of folks out there who didn’t see them the first time around.


Check out what your competition is up to and adapt their strategies to suit your business. Also keep an eye on trends and news stories and adapt them to suit you. Listening to your customers and altering your marketing strategies accordingly is what the successful people do!


Jump on the bandwagon of whatever is big news. It could be a news story, weather conditions, a new movie or song coming out. Whatever is big in the news is being searched for. If you write about it and turn it around so it’s all about you, people will find you when they do online searches.


Mutual sharing and network building is a great way to have your content shared further. Do some favors for some influential people, such as sharing their great content, or giving their new book or website a plug, then they will hopefully return the favor. Use your team to co-create content, to keep it fresh and different.


These are just some ideas for your Content Marketing Strategy, for more ideas have a look at Content Marketing and Why it is Important.

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