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Link Building for good SEO practice in 2014

Google like to change it up, we are all aware of this, so how do we keep on top of what is good and bad practice for SEO? Link Building is something that most people just do not get. Bad practice will cause penalties from Google in your search engine rankings. What is link building? Link building is about adding links to your content to be trackable by Google. Each link is ranked by certain criteria and this is Google’s main criteria for ranking your website in search engines. Here are some tips to ensure your Online Marketing Campaign is…

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Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns
September 1, 2014
15 Acronyms for your Social Media Marketing Campaign

The world of Social Media Marketing can be confusing to start with; there are so many networks and platforms out there! To make it even more difficult there are all the acronyms to deal with too. Here are some of the most important ones that you should be aware of for your Social Media Marketing Campaign: B2B: Business-to-business (marketing your business service to another business) B2C: Business-to-consumer (marketing your business to a consumer) BR: Bounce rate (the number of people who click on your website email then go no further) CPC: Cost-per-click (the amount it costs each time someone clicks…

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