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Posted On: 11 Apr 2014

How to Increase Google+ Followers

Google is the key to successful SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so sharing your content on Google+ is essential to improving your search engine rankings.

 Google Plus increase followers

The first logical step is to get your profile up to scratch, if it is half finished without a photo or image then no one is going to hang around long enough to follow you let alone read or share your content. Get this important stage right and you can start from there, it is an hour or so very well spent!

Content is key, if you share great content then people will read it, follow you, share it, improve your SEO…build it and they will come. Publicly share your amazing content, your blog posts and web pages, your advice and information, your photos and info graphics and people will stop and take notice.

If you make it too difficult for people to find you and share your stuff then they just won’t. Make sure you have a Google+ share button on every page and article on your website. Put your Google+ links on your Twitter account and your Facebook page. Do the hard work to get the rewards, people are lazy and if it isn’t easy to find you then they won’t bother to make the effort.

Set up your circles, make them relevant to you and your business and then add people to them, in most cases they will add you back via checking out your profile and seeing what you do and what circles they can put YOU into. It’s as simple as that.

Visit regularly, +1 peoples posts, make relevant comments on them, engage with your potential customers, make yourself look like the expert you are in your field. Everyone loves a guru so show them how you know what you are talking about.

Invite your contacts to join, the chances are half your Email Marketing Campaign list, friends and potential customers won’t have joined Google+ so send them an invitation, you have a captive audience so take advantage of it.