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Posted On: 09 Oct 2013

Social Media Marketing

A success story. In 2006 Gary Vaynerchuck was working at his mom and dads discount liquor store in New Jersey. He stumbled upon something called Twitter and less than 2 years later, Wine Library had snowballed into a $40 million a year business. With YouTube followers and book deals coming his way left, right and centre. Wow. How did he do it? Social media. He used social media marketing to slowly grab traction and push it toward his parent’s online store.

By engaging potential customers through social media marketing on a 1-2-1 basis. He simply helped them choose the right wine to go with the meal they were planning that night. A simple idea that took him to 1 million followers as of today.

Plan your Social Media Campaign

It’s now even easier to plan your social media marketing campaigns. Since smart phones took off there are apps that can help you keep control of your social media presence at the click of a button.

Here are the top 5 apps you should never be without when planning your social media marketing.

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1: Twitter

The easiest way to build a targeted online presence. Facebook can tend to get bogged down with ads and pictures of cats. Twitter is far more targeted at creating a trusted online social media presence.

2: Sprout Social
This app lets you track your social media footprint.

The who, the how and the why.

Who is engaging with your posts. How they engage with them and why are they interested in engaging.

3: Klout

Although Klout is more of an over all tool to recognise social media influence, it is also a very powerful one. While maybe not directly beneficial to your social media marketing strategy. if you are planning a social media campaign in Spain, then Klout can let you know how well it’s going.

4: Facebook

Although Facebook can get bogged down in unnecessary “noise”, it can still be an effective way of gaining traction and pulling customers into your business. Your social media marketing strategy may not be entirely centred around it, but should include it.

5: Instagram

The fact that pictures can become viral plus the fact that Instagram pictures can be tagged, means that this app is priceless.

This is social media marketing at it’s most viral.