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Posted On: 20 Apr 2014

The New WordPress Version 3.9

WordPress brought out their newest version yesterday, named “Smith” it brings about more changes to the core of WordPress customisation. The New WordPress Version 3.9 enables better customisation and the main changes have been in the editing and admin functions including the visual editor, gallery previews, live theme previews and media playlists to name a few.

Wordpress Version 3.9

Live Preview

The live preview will make a huge difference to choosing your new theme as you can now see more than just the new layout and colours, you can actually arrange and preview your widgets to see what your theme will look like if you decide to change it. Included in this new function is the ability to edit existing widgets, re order existing widgets, add new widgets, remove obsolete widgets which will make a huge difference to your blog, website and online marketing.

Visual Editor

The new visual editor has been seriously upgraded and you can now preview your photos and images in place instead of seeing holder boxes when you preview your new theme. The new WordPress version 3.9 allows you to drag and drop your photos right into the post and they will be automatically formulated to fit the post. This will be a real asset and time saver for blog writers, online marketers and content creators alike.

Theme Installation

Installing a new theme will also be much easier with WordPress version 3.9, the installation interface has been completely overhauled and some of the most popular themes will be available in the featured tab for easy and quick installation.

Video and Audio Playlists

You can now create video and audio playlists which work as a short code in the same way that the image galleries worked before. You can upload video and audio tracks the same as before with the media uploader and you now have the option to add them to a playlist. The description for audio tracks is automatically added and albums will show the album cover.

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The New WordPress version 3.9