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Posted On: 06 May 2014

How to deal with negativity in your online marketing campaign

With much of our business lives being on the public forum these days, it leaves us open to very public criticism which, if not dealt with swiftly and professionally, can give your business a bad reputation. Here are some tips to manage negativity in your Online Marketing Campaign.


Right to reply

If you receive a public complaint or criticism then respond to it quickly and honestly to limit the damage it may cause to your reputation. Social media is seen by some as a way of airing their grievances but you can turn a negative into a positive by replying in an open and honest way. If you don’t agree with what the complainant is saying then tell them, if it is something that is your fault then admit to it and apologise.

Try to keep it private

If it is a sensitive issue try to encourage a private conversation, don’t try to hide anything but if it is about a subject that is better off out of the public eye then steer the conversation into, email or at least private messages if you can. This would be a diplomatic solution for all concerned and could avoid embarrassment to either party.

Keep it civilised

Your Social Media Marketing Campaign efforts could be destroyed in hours if things get nasty. Always try to take the higher ground, reply diplomatically and without resorting to insults or bad language.

Don’t feed the trolls

There are people out there who have nothing better to do than cause trouble online. These people are known as internet trolls and love nothing better than to destroy the reputations of people who are working hard to create an online marketing campaign to promote their business. Don’t encourage them, they live to cause trouble, just casually say “Thank you for your feedback it is much appreciated”, or “Your comments have been noted”. Don’t let them get to you and once they see they can’t start an argument with you they will go away.

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