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Posted On: 31 May 2014

Which is the difference between Remarketing and Retargeting

It is through Remarketing strategy that users are reached by information about their previous interests.

Using Retargeting you will show a display advert to those people who have visited your site before and are interested in your products or services.

The difference can be shortened in terms that retargeting only offers advertising, but remarketing covers most forms of communication, like e-mail marketing.

Remarketing allows companies to identify the interests and preferences of future buyers. That is possible because of sending personalized messages or specific promotions for each need.

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Experian report had mentioned that the most efficient ways of remarketing are:

– Sending indirect reminders: there have been so many cases where users had abandoned their “electronic carts”. The official web page must proceed to submission because the user left the marked products bur felt the need to acquire them.

– The time of reminds should not exceed two or three days. Time has got an important role in those situations. There are sectors that need to sell their products in a lower time; but the tactics would change in every case.

– The individualized messages have better acceptance if incorporate images and flash. Internet offers a product or service that you wished to purchase, so what better way to seduce you than showing the benefits associated with the acquisition?

– Marketing professionals should be conscious of numerous researches and analytics. Therefore should not saturate receivers with a very high number of emails. If not we could generate a negative response and an unfavorable opinion about our company.

Finally, new technologies are constantly growing up, all that makes necessary to choose marketers whose knowledge is impeccable. They must assume great responsibilities equivalent to their abilities and education.

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