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Posted On: 12 May 2014

5 ways to optimise your online marketing campaign with Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social network with which you can use funky filters to enhance your images to grab the attention of your potential customers. Instagram works best for businesses with something visually interesting to sell, but it can work for just about any product or service, with a little lateral thinking, so don’t leave Instagram out of your Online Marketing Campaign.

Online marketing Campaign

Check out your competition

Who is your competition? Have a look around, search using relevant hash tags and work out who in your business sector is using Instagram. What are they doing and how can you do it better? You need to be one step ahead of your competition to make yourself stand out. 

Build up your followers

Start by connecting your Instagram account with your Facebook account and follow all your Facebook friends who use Instagram, the majority will follow you back. Having a few followers give you instant credibility. Next use hash tags on your images to attract people who might be interested in that hash tag. 

Choose your content wisely

If you solely share ads and plug your business then no-one will follow you. If you solely share cute photos of your dog then no-one will follow you (with the exception of your mum). You need to find a balance between business posts and other interesting stuff, to keep people interested and to encourage them to share your posts. 

Share content from others

If you share content from others then they will reciprocate, when your content is shared then your audience is automatically widened. It also make you look kind and helpful (which of course you are), which will make people trust you. 

Use the video feature

Instagram has a new video feature so why not take advantage? You can make 15 second video using Instagrams famous filters and you can edit them too. If you have never made videos then give it a go, you have nothing to lose.

Instagram have a new “Instagram for Business” blog; have a look to pick up some tips from the people in the know, for your online marketing campaign. For more social media tips see the Secrets of SMM (Social Media Marketing).