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Posted On: 06 Oct 2012

Facebook Exchange Retargeting

Here you have the most innovative way to advertise. Being present on Facebook had never generated so many impressions and the best Conversion rates .

With Facebook Exchange Retargeting users are impacted by advertisements inside Facebook, when they leave a website, a script must be inside your website.

The Retargeting grows your business because of a simple reason, in many cases Internet users visit a particular website, in which there are products they want. They doubt about purchasing the product or service, and with frequency leave the page without making the acquisition. In those cases Facebook Ads remembers the benefits of buying the product or services by showing advertisements related to their interests. The impact which had been already done in some past cases, reappears in a new medium trying to persuade the user.
Facebook Exchange Retargeting

We must not forget that if we are trying to reach the purchase, we should try by creating a good reputation (requires a lot of investment) and reaching our own goals.

In addition, Facebook Exchange Retargeting enables performance monitoring and measurement of advertising campaigns (impressions, clicks, conversions of both CPC, view-through and click-through conversions, etc.). Download PDF from Facebook Exchange

In Shout!, Advertising Agency in Marbella, we help you grow your business using Facebook Exchange Retargeting. We will make your advertising campaigns get the best ROI, combining this tool with Social Media Marketing Marbella, Search Engine Optimization SEO and SEM. We guarantee performance segmentation, all in order to increase your sales.

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