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Posted On: 29 May 2013

5 essential elements for your online store to rank higher in the search engines

Online store design not only requires you design for your visitors and potential clients; you also have to make sure you comply with search engine requirements if you want to rank higher in the search engines.

Google Merchant Center

Google for example regularly changes its algorithm in order to provide better quality results, and help legitimate websites appear higher in the listings. Online shops are included in this review.  You must include several elements when you design online stores if you want to benefit from organic search engine traffic.

If you claim to be an ecommerce store and want to be recognised as a legitimate merchant, you should:

  • Have a fully functioning shopping cart on your site
  • Include a physical address where you customers can send returns.
  • Include a wish list facility.
  • Provide a shipping cost calculator for your clients
  • Allow clients to register on the site.

Online shops have many more functions, but these are a few of the more important ones. These indicate to Google that you are a legitimate merchant, with a fully functioning ecommerce website.

To increase your sales even further, you can also take advantage of the Google Trusted Merchant Program if you have more than 500 transactions a month, and use the Google Merchant Center. This allows you to upload product listings for inclusion in product listing ads, Google shopping, and the commerce search.

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