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Is It Time to Delete Tinder? A Detailed Guide

Is It Time to Delete Tinder? A Detailed Guide

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Are you ready to cancel your Tinder account for good? Maybe you’ve found your true love and no longer need a dating app profile. Perhaps you simply want to take a break from online dating or tidy up your social media footprint.

Rest assured, deleting a Tinder account is a internet straightforward process. Whether you have a free account or a paid subscription, we’ll show you how to delete your Tinder account when you no longer want to use the service.

How to cancel your Tinder subscription from an Android device

If you purchased your Tinder subscription through the Google Play Store, you can cancel it directly from your Android device:

How to deactivate Tinder

If you’re trying to stay safe online but are still on the fence about completely leaving the online dating community, you can deactivate your Tinder account to hide your dating profile from potential matches. That way, you can take a break from swiping but you can still get back into the game later without having to create a new Tinder account.

Why should I delete my Tinder account?

If you’ve wondered whether it’s a good idea to delete Tinder, there are some valid reasons to get rid of the app and delete your account. Since the app is popular, that makes it a target-rich environment for online dating scams. Some scammers will use the app to trick you into thinking you’ve made a love connection, so they can take your money or steal private information. If anyone tries to convince you to send them money or gifts, that’s a red flag and you may be the target of a catfishing scheme.

Bots are similar to catfishing. Using bots, scammers set up fake profiles to lure you into clicking on malicious links or sending photos. Sometimes this happens when you change your location on Tinder because it widens the dating net for more users to see your profile.

There are also privacy concerns with Tinder. In 2020, Tinder was accused of illegally selling user data. The complaint came from the Consumer Council of Norway. If you’re curious about whether Tinder shares your data, it appears your information gets passed on to about 45 other affiliates of Match Group, which owns Tinder.

In 2018, Tinder was also shown to be missing basic encryption for photos and lacking HTTPS encryption on the iOS and Android mobile apps. This information was discovered by security researchers. Tinder did add the encryption after getting caught, but we have to wonder how long this would’ve gone on without security researchers pressing the issue.

Then in 2020, Tinder had a severe data breach when over 70,000 images of women were shared online. These findings are all legitimate reasons for deleting your Tinder account.

How to protect your data online

If you want to protect your personal data online, whether you use Tinder or not, there are software tools that can help, including VPNs and data removal services. Here are some popular options:

Incogni: Incogni scans over 100 websites to find data brokers who are selling your personal info. If Incogni finds anything, it works to remove your data by submitting removal requests on your behalf, which makes the process easy and automatic.

DeleteMe: DeleteMe scans over 700 websites for your personal data and can send removal requests on your behalf. DeleteMe also sends privacy reports every three months so you can track your information.

ExpressVPN: If you want a VPN to encrypt your private data, but without slowing down your internet speeds too much, then ExpressVPN is a good choice. It has top-notch security protocols and fast connection speeds.

NordVPN: NordVPN has thousands of servers available and its plans are priced affordably. You can also get tools like an ad blocker and malicious site blocking as part of your NordVPN subscription.