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Publicado el día: 15 Abr 2024

I was overcome with emotion since I thought I might not see my friends again

I was overcome with emotion since I thought I might not see my friends again

“This is one of the best agency out there”

The staff were incredible. They were attentive to the client needs, and all of the planned events were well coordinated and focused on quality time for couples. I had my doubts going in, however, after the Medellin tour, I feel this agency is the best matchmaking agency out there! Much love to the staff. Keep up the great work!

“Just don’t overthink it”

Don’t waste your time writing letters. Get on a plane and go. You go down there with the least expectation. Go down there like you wanna have a vacation, you wanna have fun. Don’t expect anything and you’ll be blown away. Just get on the plane.

“I deeply recommend”

I could not be happier that I did the Medellin tour I was blown away. The staff and the team was fantastic. There were too many women and not enough time to meet them all. The city and the country was unbelievable and the women very approachable and friendly. The location was excellent. The fun is all here guys so I deeply recommending attending this tours.

“I gave Colombia another shot”

This time, I decided to join the guys in the Medellin tour. Colombia is a wonderful country, it really is. It was clean. People have these preconceived notions about Colombia being so dangerous and you don’t wanna go there. But it really wasn’t. I’m from New York and I tell you, Medellin was much safer than New York city by far. The people were great, the women were beautiful, and as someone who doesn’t speak Spanish, I had no problems communicating, there’s a translator app on my phone or even tapping people on the street, they’re more than willing to help. I had a wonderful time. It was a beautiful city.

“Many thanks”

I just returned from the Cartagena tour and having enjoyed it so much, I thought I’d write a brief review about it. For me, It was the perfect place to go; excellent beaches, perfect climate with beautiful and friendly ladies. Cartagena is not the Colombia everyone is accustomed to hearing about. I would describe it as a beautiful, tropical paradise & I hope to return by year’s end. I’ve already recommended their tour to a couple of friends that are interested in traveling to Colombia. I also would like to say I appreciate this matchmaking service for their tours. They allow us single guys to meet wonderful women of other cultures & see different parts of this world.


I had a very nice time on my tour to Barranquilla. I feel that my tour was a success, and I met somebody that I am communicating with daily who I feel that I can move forward with. In addition, the tour was structured very well, and all of my interactions with their staff and interpreters working in Colombia and the United States have been positive.

“So many fine ladies ”

I was a little nervous when I first got to the social event because the ladies were all looking at us, but that wasn’t the challenge. It was trying to decide who I wanted to spend time with. There were so many beautiful women and I knew I had to make choices. One thing was for sure though, they were very interested in the guys there. I mean there was no problem with getting quality dates with gorgeous women. The challenge is trying to stick to your guns and not get distracted. They are incredibly attractive women so it’s easy to get diverted. But if you’re true to Läs hela rapporten yourself then you can definitely find what you’re looking for there.