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Publicado el día: 15 Abr 2024

I started no contact but am not sure he still love me or if he will come back this time

I started no contact but am not sure he still love me or if he will come back this time

I said I loved him enough to always want happiness for him and told him goodbye

I’m not sure if she is actually doing the whole “no contact” thing or is just pissed off with me to the extent that she has no intention of making contact.

Hey Jimmy, so I would suggest that you complete a 45 day NC from your last attempt of contact. This gives your ex enough time to think about reaching out to you if she wants to. I would suggest that in the mean time you begin to date and “move on” so that your ex can see that you are not stuck on her.

Hey, me and my ex girlfriend broke up on 3 days ago. We were constantly having fights for the past couple weeks and breakimg up and getting back together. She saw something in my phone that she wasnt pleased with but i actually wasnt doing anything with the other females contacting me. She kept on saying that the trust was broken and we should move on with our lives and go out seperate ways. Despite, i always convinced her to stay for the past couple weeks. She wasnt putting much effort into the relationship as she used to and she always said that she didnt care anymore and just wanted to be done. I felt she was just speaking probably to hurt my feelings because if i asked her if she loved me she would say yes she loved me but that doesnt mean we should be together. All the times we broke for the past couple weeks i was the one to try and make amends between us. Like i said i convinced her to stay and just try to make thimgs work but we always ran into a problem. The day of the breakup, she checked my phone and saw that a female who we already had problems about contacted me again and then she started and then wanted the breakup. I tried to calm her down but nothing worked. We spoke the next day, and then i tried contacting her after that day and i didnt get a response. We were together for 1 year and 6 months. Im 22 and she is 23.

We talked multiple times a week for hours and hours and really worked hard on repairing our relationship

Hi please help me i am in so much pain. My ex broke up with me few days ago. We have been together for 8 yrs now and have broke up 100 times but we always get back after 2 weeks. so i asked for a time alone his reaction was that he broke up with me and just left.

He seems ok and happy and never sad or hurt. Is he hurt ? Is it true that he doesnt care? Is it really the end this time? am lost and hurt and miss him though he hurted me with his ignorance and words but i still love him so much

Hello, I recently was “broken up with” but I guess we weren’t technically together. I’m not sure if your program will work in this situation but thought I’d ask. The backstory is he and I were together for just under a year and things were great until I got a job offer in another state. I think he thought I would turn it down and I truly almost Bolivian mujer did even though I had been working towards it for longer than I knew him, but he started pulling away and so I decided to take it. He was heartbroken and angry and ended it even though I wanted to do long distance. I reached out to him by text periodically over the next year to which he always responded back but was always short and disengaged. After a year I decided to cut ties and was saying my final goodbye when all of a sudden he wanted to talk, but just talk, again. We did this for about 5 months when a miscommunication lead both of us to stop talking for a year. After a year, covid hit and I just wanted to make sure he and his family were all ok so I reached out. He called me back almost immediately which I was not expecting. He said he missed me and we should never go that long not talking again. I was hesitant at first but we kept talking for a year now. We made plans to see each other again, as I am still living in another state, but again covid made this difficult and multiple attempts to do this didn’t happen. It actually was better than ever by talking so much, except never seeing each other was painful. We both agreed we weren’t officially together because the distance makes it hard but we still talked and made plans like we were together. Cut to 6 weeks ago when we started playing phone tag. I finally text him and say if you’re mad I don’t know what I did to which he responds he’s ” kinda seeing someone and she asked that we not talk for now… I’m not mad”. I’m devastated as I really thought we would eventually be back together. I was looking for a job out where he is, I finally got approved vacation to see him next month(but he didn’t know that when he sent the text) So I texted him back that this hurt me deeply but I can understand why the new girl wouldn’t want me around. I asked him for a goodbye back which he refused to say it he just said you know it’s never good. I’ve been NC now for 10 days, I’m not sure what to do next?