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Publicado el día: 16 Abr 2024

I really do love her an we have children

I really do love her an we have children

Later at night he texted me asking me how to use the dating app which he also downloaded to try

Hi kev, I’am really confuse,has suicidal attempt and I regret seeing myself looking at your site right now,anyway.thanks for this,had a good read though i was just on the 1st part. I hope that this would help me win her back.regards

I really love him and told him I won’t make the same mistake anymore but he said it’s too late

I cheated for the first time in 3 years but this isn’t the first time I have hurt my gf. I have been caught flirting with other girls and even made arrangements to see women on Craigslist but I never did anything with those women. I have lost her and I truly do not want any other women in this world but her. She tells me she does not want to be with me. She says she will never be able to trust me again because I have her so many reason not to please help me get the love of my life back!

My girlfriend left me due to me texting a girl I used to mess around with. This hasn’t been the first time. More the the third. She doesn’t trust me anymore and I understand that. But I still want us to work it out an be a family. We are still in contact she just feels like this won’t work. I really want it to. I was planning on marrying her before all this mess. Yes I was drunk when I texted that other girl and said some very sexual things. What’s my chances on winning her back. She also said she is now talking to someone that she claims would never do what I did.

I recommend following the advice in the article. You need to make some serious changes in yourself to show her that you are capable of being the man she wants. The easiest way to show her is to get professional help. You can start by getting therapy or joining a 12 step program.

I’m in a relationship with this guy for 1 year plus. I cheated on him by using a dating app and chat with other guys. He found out and want to leave me. He is Super angry and hurt. I’m wrong to cheat and there is no excuse. But I love him and I want to get back to him. He told me to continue with the guys I chat on dating app and move on with my life. I know he won’t forgive me that easily, he ask me to stop texting him. I tried so hard the following day not to text him at all. I can only say sorry but the trust is broken I don’t know how I can fix that. I mentioned I will respect his decision. Would you be able to give me any advices? Should I really not text him again? Is there any ways I can get him back?

I am an indian, i doubt if the pyscology of the girls here match to what u say plsease SofiaDate granskning av datingsidan let me know.

It does. It’s basic human psychology. It works everywhere. There might be some cultural differences. Perhaps, family pressure or religious values might affect their decision. But the basics of attraction still works.

Hi Kevin, Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 months. We have so much in common and our relationship seemed so perfect. But for some reason I made the awful decision to sleep with someone else one time. I told him about it recently and he was so hurt. I regret doing it everyday and I don’t know what to do. I hate the fact that I hurt him. He says there’s hope and he hasn’t left me, but I don’t know how to get him back. I don’t know how to mend the damage that I’ve done. I still love him so much and he tells me he really loves me too. I realize I hurt him in the worst way possible, how do I help him trust me again and go back to how we were or be better? I never want to do anything like that again and I really regret it. I don’t want to lose him.