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Publicado el día: 13 Abr 2024

Married At First Sight Australia’s Sara’s cheating scandal explained

Married At First Sight Australia’s Sara’s cheating scandal explained

This series of atic curveball after another. From Jack’s ‘muzzle’ comment, to Ben’s list of things he dislikes about Ellie, to Timothy and Jayden’s showdown, series 11 has been bringing scandalous moments every episode. And now the latest scandal to strike our favourite group of Aussies, sees Eden accuse Sara of cheating on Tim, by meeting up with her ex. Yep, we really need a lie down after all this tea.

In the most recent episode which aired in the UK last night (3rd April) Eden revealed to husband Jayden, fellow bride Sara had asked her to borrow some clothes as she was going to meet up with her ex. Tonight’s episode (4th April) will see the fallout of Eden’s revelation, however the dramatic dinner party in which Sara’s secret meet up is discussed aired in Australia over a month ago.

So if you’re just as nosy as us and can’t possibly wait any longer to find out what happened with Sara’s meet up with her ex, then here’s everything you need to know about Sara’s cheating scandal.

What was the Sara cheating scandal?

Before heading into the couples retreat Sara and Tim were in their strongest position in the experiment so far, but that was all about to come crashing down thanks to Eden’s hot piping tea.

In episode 23 Eden spent much of the episode consumed by a secret she was scared to reveal to the rest of the group after she had received a text which contained bombshell information. She spoke to camera saying, “I’ve been put in a position where I either share the information and lose all the friendships I have in here, or I keep it to myself and then I probably lose my relationship with Jayden for lying to him.”

So what was this big secret? Well at the end of the episode Eden ran off to the bathroom and eventually comes to clean to Jayden revealing Sara’s secret.

She said: “Someone in the experiment sent me a text asking me to borrow some clothes. Because she was seeing her ex-boyfriend for dinner. It’s Sara.”

Jayden was less than impressed with this news and said simply, “Even if nothing happened, meeting up with your ex partner behind your husband’s back is a form of cheating. It’s wrong no matter which way you put it.”

Then in episode 24 Eden’s tea came out during the couples’ dinner party. Rather than revealing the information in front of everyone, Jayden and Eden take Tim and Sara to the side, and Eden gave Sara an ultimatum: “I’m going to give you the opportunity to tell Tim what you did last weekend otherwise we will do it. He’s seen the messages, we will tell him if you don’t tell him.”

Sara tried to explain that she “ran into” her ex before fessing up that they had in fact arranged to meet up but that it “wasn’t a date”. However, Tim wasn’t convinced and Jayden then filled in more of the blanks and explained that Sara had texted Eden asking to borrow a top so she could “look good” for her ex and added the ?? emoji. Not the emoji.

Tim is obviously shocked by the information and Eden and Jayden depart the situation to leave the couple to deal with tajikistani kvinnor marrige the bombshell they just dropped.

Sara said to Tim, “I don’t know what else to say. Nothing happened but I did hang out with him, yes.” At this point Tim storms off and speaks to camera saying, “I’m not OK, I feel lied to, strung along, heartbroken. I’ve been played for a fool.”

Eden and Jayden returned to the dinner party where they revealed the truth about Sara, which is a surprise for the group. Sara returns and defends her actions saying she didn’t cheat on Tim.

“I didn’t cheat on Tim, I didn’t do anything with my ex,” she explained. “I didn’t want to tell Tim that I was seeing my ex because I didn’t want him to get insecure.”

Sara then lets slip that she slept with her ex boyfriend a month before the experiment, while he was allegedly in a relationship. Eek.

She then said to the entire group, “I have never ever cheated on a partner and I can f**king contest to that! You’re questioning in my morals, my character, but how many of you have here have cheated on a partner, raise your f**king hand.” And with that mic drop Sara exited the building.

Following this beyond dramatic revelation, before the next commitment ceremony Sara is seen (sort of) apologising to Tim after it’s revealed she hadn’t spoken to him since they left the dinner party separately. However, as she doesn’t use the words “I’m sorry” Tim is upset and tells Sara this, who then storms out.

At the commitment ceremony Tim says he unsurprisingly wants to leave the experiment, while Sara shocks everyone and says she wants to stay and continue her relationship with Tim. And as per the rules of the experiment if one person chooses to stay, they both have to.

What has Sara said about the cheating?

Following the release of the series in Australia, Sara has spoken candidly about what went down on the series and admitted to “emotionally cheating” on Tim during an interview on an Australia radio show.

She told the programme: “It’s definitely an emotional cheat. I definitely take on board that what I did was wrong.”

She continued saying: “I think one of my major regrets was not being more apologetic and not consoling Tim right then and there. I think at that moment, my heart came out of my ass a little and I was like, ‘Holy crap, I’m on national television. Everyone’s going to think I’m a cheater, and I didn’t cheat.'”

Sara also spoke exclusively to Nine Australia to explain there was in fact two different exes the group was referring to during that chaotic dinner party.

“The first ex was the one that I met up with and he’s been on and off with his girlfriend for six years,” she explained. “The second ex is the one I hooked up with before the experiment, not the first.”